Hi there, and welcome to my corner of the interwebs. 

I’m a guy called Alex. I like to write, code, learn and travel. I’m a graduate student at Washington University in Saint Louis, studying computational biophysics, which is pretty fantastic. I’m currently developing tools to better understand intrinsically disordered regions in proteins from a statistical mechanics and computational polymer physics point of view in the pappu lab. Before my PhD, I worked as a bioinformatician with Michael Linderman at Mount Sinai, in New York City, which was an amazing experience to say the least. For more information on my background, take a look at my résumé.

I’m interested in a huge range of topics, from machine learning, molecular dynamics and statistical inference to cancer biology, tech start ups and good quality code, which I’m hoping will all converge into some great unifying thesis topic. This may be a little optimistic.

Feel free to get in touch – I always try to respond to emails, and if I don’t it’s only because I’m busy – if unsure, resend!